The Rotary Club of New Orleans’ Tikjuk Project for St. Xavier’s School

Project Description

The Rotary Club of New Orleans has developed a project in support of St. Xavier’s School in Tikjuk, Sikkim province, India, Rotary district 3240. St. Xavier’s provides educational and residential services for orphans and poor children in the western part of Sikkim Province. The school serves about 100 with a faculty of about 10. It is not aligned with any religious order.

The first phase project brought internet service to the school so that the children may have the world wide web as a resource for learningThe budget for the first year, including equipment and operations, was approximately $8,000. Annual internet service for years two and three is approximately $1,500 each year or $11,000 total. St. Xavier’s has started an internet café for travelers and villagers to help defray additional costs.

We are now ready to proceed to the second phase of the project: bringing a Vocational Training Team to the school/area to help them use computers in the classroom and provide them with entrepreneurial skills to bring in more revenue to the school.

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Project Story

Read about the history behind the Tikjuk project here to learn more.

News & Updates

June 12 (3)

Our project leader recently traveled to Tikjuk to visit St. Xavier’s.

All of his posts from the trip can be found under News & Updates.

The Rotary Club of New Orleans’ Tikjuk Project for St. Xavier’s School