Greetings from New Delhi

May 8 (4)

Greetings from New … Delhi! After three flights, I am now 10 1/2 hours different from you all. Only the flight from Atlanta to Paris was noteworthy with a lot of serious turbulence.

Today, I spent most of my time running errands preparing for the trip to Tikjuk tomorrow. In New Delhi they have these small taxis called Tik Toks. Nothing truly remarkable about them except for the fact that they survive the crazy and erratic driving in this city. The common techniques here are taking up two lanes and constantly blowing your horn.

The temperature was 100 when I got back to my hotel after trying all afternoon to find some place that sells surge protectors for the St. Xavier’s computers. Although I finally did that, I couldn’t find extra ink cartridges for their printer. We will probabaly have to send them some.

I’m walking around in a Rotary shirt and baseball cap. Several people I have bumped into started talking Rotary to me. A rug dealer told me he would give me a Rotary discount because he was in the Rotary Club of Delhi South.

The Rotary Club of Delhi Luytens supposedly meets in this hotel tonight, but interestingly, no one has ever heard of them. Hmmm.

Tomorrow is still calling for thunderstorms in Bagdogra and Pelling, my helicopter locations.

More later.