St. Xavier Day to Day

June 4 (1)

The first picture shows to the left a closer view of one of the unfinished railings at St. Xavier’s.

The second is a view from the unfinished third story. Again, there is no railing here. You can see the pennants on the hill. These can be found throughout the region. The pennants with colors like this can represent anything from political parties to support for one initiative or another. Grey pennants are memorials to individuals who have died. The third photo shows some liquor bottles at the foot of the rear of the building. Sometimes the bottles will be thrown up to the third floor. The building needs some sort of security wall or fence to keep whomever away from the school.

June 4 (2)June 4 (3)

The fourth photo shows one of the classrooms, which as you can see, is very modest.

June 4 (4)