The School on the Hill


June 7 (1)St. Xavier’s is on a steep hill. In the first picture you can get some idea of how steep it actually is. But this is only the last third of trip up from the road which you can’t really see from this picture. [The car you see is not in the road]. I had difficulty every time I climbed the hill. It wasn’t until later that my wife reminded me that the altitude might have some thing to do with it. St. Xavier’s is about 7,000 feet up.

When I arrived at St. Xavier’s at the top of the climb, I walked between the two bowls that you can see in photos two and three. Flowers are floating in a specially prepared liquid. These are ceremonial bowls welcoming me to the school. In the fourth picture you can see the shoes outside the building. This is traditional custom of taking off your shoes before you enter a building.

June 7 (3)June 7 (2)


June 7 (4)