Ode to Ron and Photos

June 11 (1)

Ron Klein brought the St. Xavier’s project to me several years ago. He has raised dollars for the school from many places around the globe and has become, as you can imagine, a hero to the staff and students. The first picture is of a memorial area, and, if you look closely, you will see a rectangular photo of Ron with a microphone. His picture can be found on many a wall at the school. The second photo shows the kitchen area. The third photo shows the cell tower down the hill from the school. You can also see the grey banners in honor of someone who has died.

June 11 (2)

June 11 (3)

The fourth photo is of a picture hanging in my hotel, and it took me quite by surprise. It is of Namo Amitabha,the principal Buddha in the Pure Land sect of Buddhism. What surprised me is the swastika on his chest. However, this swastiska is the reverse of the Nazi swastika. Swastikas are common in virtually all religions in one form or another, but it did cause me to stop and eventually go to the Internet for an explanation.


June 11 (4)