Goodbye Pelling

June 12 (1)

As I mentioned previously, when I arrived at my hotel in Pelling (near Tikjuk) on the weekend, I was met by a local official who told me I had to go to the nearby administrative building for “further evaluation. ” Sikkim Province borders China and the Indian government scrutinizes local visitors. So on Monday I went to check-in. You can see the building in the first photo.

As you may know, the Times-Picayune Travel section will show tourist photos when they hold up a copy of the newspaper. The second photo shows me outside the hotel in Pelling, holding up a copy of the paper. I am told it may take three months to make it in that section.

June 12 (2)

Picture three and four show the helipad at Pelling when I was leaving. The group shot shows Ms. Chandra and a group of St. Xavier boys she brought with her. The last shot is my helicopter.

June 12 (3)

June 12 (4)